Using Canva to design my cover page

Kovid Bhaduri
2 min readMar 22, 2021

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This week, after quite a few roadblocks and challenges, I finally got our book published!

Publishing a book required much more than just finishing the manuscript. The journey from a finished manuscript to a book, might in some ways be just as hard as the journey from a blank canvas to a finished manuscript.

At least for a first-timer like me.

One of the factors which I worked on this week was designing a cover page for our book using Canva. And in the video embedded above, I explain my process in all the detail.

The primary colours for our cover are different shades of blue mixed with white. I use blue to maintain consistency with all the illustrations inside our book which are also mostly blue and white in colour. Blue is also the colour of trust and professionalism. ( Honestly, how many banks do you know that use blue as a primary colour?)

The icons in the squares at the bottom represent some of the concepts we talk about in the book. A brain for mentality and the different mindsets to mimic, a computer to represent the different software and tech tools we talk about, a clock to describe the importance of time and the requirement to be productive.

We also use a tagline, “The key to having fun, while getting things done” in the remaining square.

Overall, I think the cover does a good job of explaining what our book is about and why it brings potential value to the reader.

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