30 days to write and sell a book: Week 3 update

Kovid Bhaduri
3 min readMar 22, 2021

Hi there! I’m Kovid, and I’m currently on a journey to co-author and sell a book in 30 days.

Throughout this month, I’ll be working on writing, editing, promoting, publishing, and hopefully selling a handbook on productivity. All that I do will be documented in a project, along with guides and video explanations to provide additional context.

I’ll post a recap post every week, outlining what I’ve been working on!

This is my third weekly breakdown. This week, (apart from writing) I’ve been working on editing and publishing my e-book, along with designing the cover page and working on some social media. Given below is a detailed breakdown:

What I’ve been working on-

This week, I’ve written, edited, and published the finished book. Here’s what that looked like-

I finished writing the entire book- I spend many hours each day dishing out chapters. It took me 21 days in total, but the writing is done now.

I edited the entire book- There were multiple grammar and tone issues that needed resolving. (Also, I apparently have a problem with writing far too many “really”s)

I designed some content for the Instagram page for “30daystoabook”- I designed and published some more content for my Instagram promotional page.

I designed the cover page of the book using Canva- I used Canva to design the book cover of our handbook. I also used elements from Flaticon to make it look better. I break down my entire process for this in the projects section below, so make sure to give that a read!

I got the book published- After a lot of roadblocks, “Mentality, Software & Environment: A one stop guide to Productivity” is finally live on kindle. I navigated through the self-publishing process, linked my bank accounts, and got the book published on Kindle!

Projects created

There’s been a lot of writing this week, and some amount of documentation. But in addition to finishing the book and creating this recap post, here’s an additional project I made to give you some insight into my working process.

A breakdown of how I used Canva to design my cover page.

A small parting gift

It’s been an awesome journey writing this book. I am grateful to have you share this journey with us. Here’s one last glimpse at a chapter we wrote recently on “getting out of productivity rut”-

Spend some time seeking out interactions with people who are doing inspiring and challenging things. This is going to motivate you to go stretch your own capabilities. You can attend conferences, or get on a video call with a friend, talking to whom fills you up with energy and new ideas.

So if you find yourself in a rut, one way that you can start to get yourself out of it is to seek out these types of conversations and interactions with people who are going to challenge you and inspire you.”

See you in the last week!