30 days to write and sell a book: Week 4 update

Kovid Bhaduri
3 min readMar 29, 2021

Hi there! I’m Kovid, and this month, I’ve been on a journey to co-author and sell a book in 30 days.

Throughout this month, I have been working on writing, editing, promoting, publishing, and trying to sell a handbook on productivity. All that I have done has been documented in this project, along with guides and video explanations to provide additional context.

I have posted a recap post every week, outlining what I’ve been working on!

This is my fourth (and last) weekly breakdown. This week, I’ve been working on ways to promote and sell the published ebook, and finished my final pieces of documentation and landing page for the project. Given below is a more detailed outline:

What I’ve been working on-

In this final week, I’ve recapped my journey in trying to (and succeeding in) writing and selling an ebook in 30 days, and documented my announcement posts for my book across multiple social media platforms.

I created high-impact announcement posts for Instagram and LinkedIn: I started promoting the finished book on Instagram and LinkedIn. Our promotional posts, especially on the “30daystoabook” Instagram page made really good engagement. For a smaller account with only about 37 followers, our announcement video had 32 likes, 19 profile visits, 5 website clicks, and 4 shares. You can take a look for yourself here!

I scheduled myself to appear on a small talk show to talk about my book and writing process and did a trial run for the same: Stereo is an upcoming live podcast social media app that many people are using around the world. This week, I did a trial run with one of my friends for an upcoming talk show on Monday where we will discuss this book and my writing process.

I finished the landing page for this project: I have collected and assimilated all the links to the different blogs and weekly updates I have been making and finished all the copy for the landing page. The one-stop overview of my entire project is now live, and can be viewed here!

I wrote some final guides for this project: This week I created two guides explaining the process of publishing and promoting your ebook using Kindle Direct Publishing. You can check them out below.

Projects created

A walkthrough of using KDP to publish an ebook

A guide to the different alternative Amazon promotions for your ebook.

A note of thanks:

It’s been an incredible journey these past 4 weeks in trying to write and sell the book. We’ve managed to make our first sale, and the feedback we’ve received has been really positive. Thank you for sticking around for this journey.

I can’t wait to show you, finally, what we’ve created at the end of it.

30 days to a book: The book at the end of 30 days.

Thanks again, I’ll see you next time (;.