30 days to write and sell a book: Week 2 update

Kovid Bhaduri
3 min readMar 15, 2021

Hi there! I’m Kovid, and I’m currently on a journey to co-author and sell a book in 30 days.

Throughout this month, I’ll be working on writing, editing, promoting, publishing, and hopefully selling a handbook on productivity. All that I do will be documented in a project, along with guides and video explanations to provide additional context.

I’ll post a recap post every week, outlining what I’ve been working on!

This is my second weekly breakdown. This week, (apart from writing) I’ve been working on some documentation and promotion, read on to find out more!

What I’ve been working on:

For this week, I wanted to start generating some interest in the final product of the month. So I decided to start promoting my process with an Instagram channel I created. Here’s a breakdown of all that I’ve been doing-

Created an Airtable to keep track of Instagram promotional posts: I used Airtable to create a content calendar for the shared Instagram page I created for me and Waris, the co-author of the book. The Airtable keeps track of all the posts to create, deadlines, notes, and all other relevant data. I talk about it in more detail in the project section, so make sure to check that out!

Created “30daystoabook” Instagram page: I created a shared Instagram business account for Waris and me to promote our writing process and generate interest in the final product. Our page has 37 followers as of right now, many of whom are complete strangers.

Created content for Instagram page: I designed, captioned and uploaded some posts to engage with our followers. Check out my process in the projects section below!

Wrote the book: I’ve been hashing out some more chapters with Waris. We should be on track to finish within our deadline.

Projects created

Apart from writing the book, and this recap post, here are the projects I created this week to give you some insight into my process-

  1. Using Airtable to create a social media calendar
  2. How to design promotional content using Canva

A small parting gift

Thank you for taking an interest in the project. We are halfway through it now. As a small parting gift, here’s a little glimpse of a chapter we wrote about digital organization-

The most fundamental concept in file organization is to set it up like a tree. Have a structure of folders that imitates a tree- you’re going to have a trunk and from that trunk, you’re going to have branches stemming out.

The trunk of the tree will be the root folder of your cloud management system. And the branches — different areas of your life — College, work, Personal, etc.

These branches will further have sub-branches, and those sub-branches-folders will store your files and folders.

Hope you found this insightful. See you next week!